Graphing the nature of strategy application

Today, I’m excited about this graph. It shows the relative duration — or the relative proportion of time — spent on ten strategic activities over five online reading sessions by a dyad of boys who, at pretest, showed the least preparation to construct an integrated understanding across multiple, multimodal Internet texts. That’s a mouthful. The gist: although the structure of time dedicated to certain activities remained relatively stable across all five sessions, the relative proportion of time spent on some activities increased from pretest to posttest and for some, the proportion of time decreased. To me, this suggests that the LINKS intervention for this dyad of students, who appeared to be very early in their learning trajectory for this complex activity, had something of a disruptive impact. At posttest, they used their time a little differently. At posttest, these boys’ integrativeness scores were higher too. Dissertation with full analyses coming to the ProQuest Database near you in December 2013 🙂


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