#Print2Pixel Unconference, University of New Haven

Print2Pixel UnconferenceI just had a terrific conversation with teachers at the second annual #Print2Pixel conference, hosted by Ian O’Byrne and his colleagues at the University of New Haven.

During our session, we discussed a few key ideas:

1) Maker spaces in libraries (an awesome idea!)

2) Maker activities in science classrooms that apprentice students into professional communities of builders, contractors, architects, city planners

3) Using maker activities to model design thinking — planning, iterating, protyping…

4) Writing as Making

5) Collaborative digital writing and publishing as making

6) The importance of creating cultures of risk-taking and ways to do that in our classrooms, but also in our schools and districts

7) Pros and Cons of maker kits

I created this Google Document where we have captured highlights of the conversation. If you have other ideas to add, please feel free to add to it! Add your Twitter Handle to our list so that we can expand our PLNs as a community of educators interested in maker activities in schools.


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